Go Time – Episode #177

Building startups with Go

Jon welcomes four startup founders

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Startups are all about iterating quickly, building MVPs, and finding that elusive product market fit, so how does Go fit into that picture? Is Go a good choice for startups, or is it exclusively for the larger corporations? In this episode Jon is joined by four startup founders to learn about their experience building a startup with Go.



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Notes & Links

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  • Segmed - W. Adam Koszek’s startup with a focus on high-quality, anonymous medical data.
  • Rebank - Simon White’s startup that aims to automate your business banking.
  • Okteto - Ramiro Berrelleza’s startup that provides a Kubernetes development platform to improve developer productivity.
  • Hightouch - Josh Curl’s startup that syncs customer data across the tools your business uses.
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